Where Da Gold At Mens Shirt

Where Da Gold At Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

In March of 2006 a Saint Patrick's Day miracle happened. For weeks the Crichton area of Mobile, Alabama was rocked by an event so exciting it took the internet by storm. Yes, in Mobile, Alabama an event so unlikely occurred it would have been an appropriate case for Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to investigate. For many nights, Mobile was plagued with sightings of a leprechaun, the proud symbol and mascot of Saint Patrick's Day. Of course, these sightings raised more questions than they answered--Where did this leprechaun come from? Could this leprechaun possibly be real? The most hard-hitting question was the one on everybody's mind: Where da gold at? The news report from WPMI-TV that was put up on youtube could not answer these important questions; they could only report on this strange occurrence. Luckily law enforcement officials provided the world with this composite sketch. This Saint Patrick's Day be sure to get your very own "Where Da Gold At?" custom tee from Strange Cargo. Wear it to the festivities in Lincoln Park, Bridgeport, and Wrigleyville, drink numerous pints of Guinness, and keep your eyes peeled because you never know when that leprechaun will show up in the Windy City.

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