Weiner Man Men's Shirt

Weiner Man Men's Shirt

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About This Shirt

Speeding through the Windy City on the greatest public transportation system in the country, the El, Weiner Man spreads the word about the greatest delicacy in the Midwest: the Chicago Dog. Whether you ride the Brown Line, the Pink Line, the Red Line, the Blue Line, the Orange Line, the Green Line or the Purple Line Express, Weiner Man is there reminding your post-work appetite that it is time for a steamed beef frank nestled in a steamed poppy seed bun and topped with diced onions, sport peppers, celery salt, tomatoes, relish, yellow mustard and a pickle spear. Weiner Man is the symbol and hero of everything delicious about Chicago, Illinois. Jump onto the nearest available CTA bus or train and head over to Hot Doug's, Murphy's, Weiner Circle, Portillo's, Superdawg's, America's Dog, Gold Coast Hot Dog, or Byron's Hot Dog and get yourself a Chicago classic and then grab another for your commute home. Weiner Man will be proud of your decision. We are also certain that he would let you slide getting a great, goopy Chicago-style pizza as well. As long as your meal comes from the official, unique menu of Chicago, Weiner Man will continue to ride the El fighting for truth, deliciousness, and the Windy City way!


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