Twilight Beaver Chase Mens Shirt

Twilight Beaver Chase Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Those years' lettering in track and field is about to pay off. Late nights spent stumbling around Wrigleyville bars like John Barleycorn, the Yard, the Dark Horse, Goose Island, Houndstooth Saloon, or Lucky's often go from an evening of drinking with friends to a sexual bloodsport. The Twilight Beaver Chase can be seen in the antics of the couples running up and down Clark Street on a Saturday night in Wrigley, down Milwaukee Avenue through Wicker Park and Logan Square on a Friday evening, and through the sports bars of Lincoln Park after a Bears victory on a Sunday afternoon. This is not a sport for the out-of-shape, the weak, or for those who lack dedication. This is a sport that requires endurance, commitment, agility, and speed. This is a sport of champions. Hit your favorite bars on the weekends in this great shirt and let everyone know that you are dedicated to the hardcore, tiring sport known as the Twilight Beaver Chase. Get this design on a tee shirt or tank top to make sure you don't overheat when it's time to give chase. Strange Cargo wants you to be prepared for whatever the weekend throws your way, so be sure to pick up this great shirt today so you stand ready for any late-night chase.

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