Toss My Salad Mens Shirt

Toss My Salad Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

When your baby asks you to toss her salad, you are not going to want iceberg lettuce, carrots, ranch dressing, onions, croutons, or cheese. It's time to prove your love with your tossing skills. This is not the time to show off the lessons you have learned from Julia Child, Paula Deen, Wolfgang Puck, and Gordon Ramsey; it is the time to get down and get intimate with your loved one's back door. Nothing is going to make you feel as accomplished as Rachel Ray as getting into tossing a good salad for the one you love. Culinary talents will do you no favors in the bedroom, so get down and dirty and show that you don't need your tongs to make the magic happen. Show that special someone in your life that you are willing to go the distance like the Barefoot Contessa with this great "Toss My Salad" shirt exclusively from Chicago's filthiest tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. This great design looks fabulous on a variety of tee shirts, tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, and baseball tees, so you can have this shirt for any occasion. Show your style and show that you know the importance of tossing a salad with this great tee shirt only from Strange Cargo.

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