The More I Learn About Mens Shirt

The More I Learn About Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Your chopper is never going to ask where you have been, why you didn’t take out the garbage, or why you drink so much Old Style. Your Harley-Davidson is never going to make you take it out for dinner to celebrate the anniversary of the first time you ever held hands. No motorcycle is going to make you give up your Van Halen tee shirt, put on a tie for dinner with your mother, or make you remember something as pointless as Valentine’s Day. Your motorcycle only has your best interests in mind; it fights for your freedom, your passion, and your love of the open road. It is never going to nag you, dress you in clothes you hate, or tell you you can watch football anytime during the Super Bowl as your old lady does. No, your motorcycle is going to purr and take you to all of the places you want to go without a complaint or a gripe. So declare your true love for your motorcycle, even if it offends your chick. Get this great design on your favorite tee shirt, grab your old lady, and take a long ride on your motorbike (you know, the one you really love!)

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