The Chicago Way Men's Shirt

The Chicago Way Men's Shirt

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About This Shirt

There are certain specifics to living in Chicago, Illinois. When you get a pizza, you must get a Chicago-style deep dish with your toppings trapped within four inch layer of gooey cheese. When you give directions, you do not say "east". Instead, you say "toward the Lake". You throw back the home runs of the opposing team at Wrigley Field. We drive like Mario Andretti with reckless abandon (so keep up!) There are just certain things we do in the Windy City and one of the most important traditions is the way we eat our hot dogs. The Chicago Dog is a fine Windy City delicacy and tradition that is very specific. The kosher pickle spear, diced onions, steamed beef frank, peppers, relish, yellow mustard, tomatoes and celery salt crammed onto a sesame seed bun is a treat that has been a Chicago tradition for over a century. The number one rule about this delightful dog is the holiest rule of all: NO KETCHUP! Do not sully the fine frank of the City of Big Shoulders with ketchup, even if Ronald Reagan tells you it is a vegetable! Stick with tradition, stick with deliciousness. When you are wandering around the City of Big Shoulders stop in and have a Chicago Dog at Hot Doug's, Murphy's or Weiner's Circle and be sure to keep the ketchup off that dog!

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