South Side Irish Mens Shirt

South Side Irish Mens Shirt

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It seems as though the Windy City exists on opposite sides of a magnet when it comes to everything. Though both sides of the city can agree on the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Chicago Bears, the feud between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox serves to divide the great Second City. As if that weren't enough, Saint Patrick's Day divides the city but also brings it together with a cornucopia of great Irish activities on both sides of the city. Though the North Side has a lot with great Irish bars lining Clark Street, the South Side has the greatest Saint Patrick's tradition that the Windy City has to offer: The South Side Parade. Started in 1979 by best friends George Hendry and Pat Coakley, the South Side Saint Patrick's Day Parade transformed from a parade of the "Wee Folks of Washtenaw and Talman" to a full-blown Saint Patrick's Day spectacular! Moving down Western Avenue from 103rd to 115th, this great Saint Patrick's Day tradition cannot be stopped! It was feared that it had gone forever, but it has finally returned! So get down and party with the Chicago Stockyard Kitty Band, slam some green beer, and show your South Side pride with this great custom tee shirt exclusively from Strange Cargo this Saint Patrick's Day.

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