See You In Your Poop Mens Shirt

See You In Your Poop Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

On a glorious summer day, there is nothing better than the delicious food of a cook-out. Sitting in the sunshine with friends and family and enjoying burgers, shish-kabobs, potatoes, and ears of delicious, buttery corn is the perfect way to spend a beautiful July afternoon. Once you have put away the leftovers and cracked open your post-dinner beer, it isn't quite time to say good-bye to all of the food just yet. Though the burgers are wrapped in foil, the shish-kabobs are sealed in Tupperware, and the rest of the food is being picked over by the rest of the guests, your dear friend, corn, is going to be returning to say hello again. Celebrate your body's inability to digest the skin of corn kernels with this hilarious, original design exclusively from Chicago's classiest tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. A golden tee with this hysterical vegetable on the front is certain to get a good chuckle out of friends, family members, and strangers as you proudly display it around town. Wear this classic design to your next cook-out and remind everyone that though they may finish their delicious ear of corn, it will be back to say hello again later in the evening!

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