Scumby men's Shirt

Scumby men's Shirt

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About This Shirt

If you thought Eddie Murphy's "I'm Gumby, damnit!" sketch on "Saturday Night Live" was as badass as Gumby could get, let us introduce you to Scumby, the grittiest, dirtiest incarnation of Gumby you have ever seen. Odds are he left his good pal, Smokey, at the race track so that he could finally enjoy a beer, a smoke, and a woman in peace. Instead of walking through books and going on whimsical adventures, Scumby makes it a point to walk into issues of "Playboy" and "Guns and Ammo." He makes it a point to rough up Davey and Goliath and then smack the California Raisins around. Certainly, Art Clokey never imagined his beloved character could ever be this amazing. Get rowdy, light a smoke, crack open a Schlitz, and get down and dirty with this scummy claymation god on your favorite tee shirt, tank top, or hooded sweatshirt. This hilarious design is a Strange Cargo exclusive, so be sure to add this to your collection of beer-stained tee shirts. Show the world how much you love Gumby and how much you love being a complete sleaze with this phenomenal design from the Windy City's favorite tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo.

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