Screw U Mens Shirt

Screw U Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

There are really blunt, unattractive ways to tell someone you don't like how you really feel about them. You can be crass, rude, in-your-face, and lack tact when it comes to dealing with someone that is, quite frankly, a total asshole. Sadly, that unapologetic asshole in your life is expecting you to fly off the handle, to lose your composure and your cool, and lash out at the inappropriate, stupid, jackass-y thing he or she just said or did. Take the classy way out of the conversation. Nothing says you're taking the moral high road out of a sticky situation like a classy "Screw You" tee-shirt. This elegant design on the front of your favorite tee shirt lets others know that you aren't about to get into a frivolous argument about what was in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase in "Pulp Fiction" with a pretentious film school student, you aren't about to debate whether or not the Arcade Fire is cool with some snotty hipster, and you sure aren't going to defend why you eat animal products to the mouthy, self-righteous vegan ruining your dinner party. So get this expressive custom tee shirt today, exclusively from Strange Cargo, and let the world know where you stand on taking bullshit.

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