Retired Mens Shirt

Retired Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Well, here it is. You've emptied out your desk. You've had your big party where your friends, family, and co-workers had drinks, fine food, and celebrated your long and admirable career. You've loosened your tie and packed away your career. You've punched your time card for the last time. Yes, it's time for the good life in retirement. Retirement is full of grandkids, scenic back roads in a plush RV, swanky dinner parties, evenings of watching great detective shows, and a newfound focus on old hobbies you've put on the back burner and new projects you have been meaning to turn your attention to. Don't let retirement gnaw at you like Jack Nicholson in "About Schmidt," make the golden years of your life an adventure. Now that you're no longer chained down by the shackles of your job, it's time to get up, get out, and face the day with a sense of adventure. Make everyone on your journey jealous of your retired status with this "Retired" tee-shirt from Chicago's favorite custom tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo, and let your life of no dress code, no time cards, no bosses annoying you, and no deadlines begin!

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