Pitcher Mens Shirt

Pitcher Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

A night out at the bars is a night meant for mixing drinks and mixing in different social circles. A night out at the bars is not a time for mixing signals. When that knight in shining armor catches your eye from across the bar, it's time to skip the small talk and get to the important conversation. It's hard to hear when you're hitting the dance floor at Roscoe's, Sidetrack, Minibar, Scarlett, Spin, Hydrate, and Berlin; the best way to get your intentions across to that handsome fellow might be this clever "Pitcher" tee shirt exclusively from Strange Cargo. Whether you're headed out for a fun evening in Boystown or hitting the parade at Pride, you need to be sure that your needs are met and are communicated as clearly as possible. Let your gentlemen callers know your position on the team without any mixed signals or complicated flirtation. Get down to business when it comes to getting down to business with this "Pitcher" shirt from Chicago's favorite custom tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo.

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