Mitch Hedberg men's Shirt

Mitch Hedberg men's Shirt

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With his long hair, sane straws, aviator sunglasses, and clever word play and one-liners, Mitch Hedberg's short life and short career left a deep impact on the world of comedy. Mitch Hedberg taught us the important lessons in life: a severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer, a "dry-clean" only shirt is a dirty shirt, fake plants will die if you do not pretend to water them, the ocean would be loud as shit if fish could scream, a burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef, wearing necklaces will help you know when you are upside-down, a duck's opinion of you is influenced by whether or not you have bread, "sweeten" is the showbiz term for "add sugar to," NyQuil on the rocks is a drink for those feeling sick but sociable, we need to replace the "Soup of the Day" with the "Soup From Now On," and that stand up comedy is a part of an elaborate "Get Rich Slow" scheme. Every one-liner, every joke, and every stumble was a little nugget of wisdom. Celebrate the genius, the wisdom, and the career of Mitch Hedberg with this original design on your favorite tee shirt from Strange Cargo, and remember: If you find yourself lost in the woods, fuck it, build a house. "Well, I was lost but now I live here! I have severely improved my predicament!"

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