Miracle on Clark and Addison Men's Shirt

Miracle on Clark and Addison Men's Shirt

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Every spring, the snow begins to melt away, the sun begins to peek out from the gray, gloomy overcast Chicago wintery sky, and Wrigleyville begins to come to life. The bars bring back their specials, the patio seating returns, and the Cubs fans begin to flock to Wrigley Field, waiting for baseball to begin. On their lips and in their head is the mantra that is repeated a the end of every blistery, frigid winter: ?This is the year. This is the year.? At Clark and Addison at the beginning of every summer, their shoulders warmed by the touch of the June sun, Cubs fans come to Wrigley Field with the unshakeable belief that this is the year that the curse is broken, this is the year that the Cubbies play better baseball than they did one hundred years ago, that this is the year that a World Series victory is ours. The intersection of Clark and Addison is a holy place where Cubs fans make a pilgrimage every year hoping and praying for a miracle and their faith remains strong. This is the year that Aramis Ramirez, Marlon Byrd and the rest of the Cubs snag that brass ring and make the dreams of their fans come true. Clark and Addison: the mecca where the devoted followers wait for manna from baseball heaven.

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