Knockers Mens Shirt

Knockers Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

As Dr. Frederick Frankenstein said in "Young Frankenstein," "What knockers!" We at Strange Cargo know that a fine set of knockers is an impressive sight to behold. We also know that visual puns are the greatest invention of man. So, in the spirit of Mel Brooks's fantastic comedy classic, we have been inspired by Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, Igor, Frau Blucher, and, of course, Inga's knockers to create this clever tee shirt. There is nothing better than a visual pun on a beautiful thing like bountiful breasts. Ladies, sport this around town and display a great pun by a comedic genius. You can't get a great set of knockers like these at Lowes or Home Depot; this fine set is only available at Chicago's finest tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. Show off your great set of knockers with this fantastic design from Strange Cargo on your favorite tee shirt or tank top. This design is sure to turn heads wherever you go, so get ready to get some attention and some numbers. Sporting this tee shirt around Transylvania, you might catch the attention of Frederick (pronounced "FRO-drink") Frankenstein. With this design on your chest, you will be giving Inga a run for her money with your great knockers!

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