Knock It Off Asshole! I'm A French Fry Mens Shirt

Knock It Off Asshole! I'm A French Fry Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

It's been a long night out at John Barleycorn, and perhaps you have had a little too much to drink. You have your beer goggles on, and the dim light in the bar is making everyone in the bar look spectacular to your alcohol-filled brain. You are going to make a mistake, but you do not care. It happens to everyone. You go home with a beautiful woman and wake up to find out you spent the night dry-humping a witch. It seems as though it happens in the animal kingdom as well. This little caterpillar is having a rough night and only wants to find love, just like we all do. When we are too drunk at the bars, stumbling home from a party, or slurring our thoughts outside of the club, we are this little guy. Soon, we too will become beautiful butterflies, but until then we are drunken forces of nature looking for love in strange places. Don't deny it, embrace your love of the nightlife and all of the memories and mistakes that come with it. Get this hilarious tee shirt from Strange Cargo and enjoy all of the fun that comes with having that one extra drink!

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