Jesus - the Fisher of Men Shirt

Jesus - the Fisher of Men Shirt

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About This Shirt

And Jesus said, "Come with me and I will make you fishers of men!" And then Jesus, Peter, Paul, Mary, Judas Priest, Mark, Ringo, and the archangel Michael Jordan jumped on a boat with T-Pain. They got their flippy-floppies on and grabbed their fishing poles and started fishing for men. They caught a mermaid who granted them all wishes, except for the archangel Michael Jordan because he was already supergood at basketball and the mermaid decided that he was just being greedy since he could already fly and everything. The archangel Michael Jordan was pissed, so he slam dunked the mermaid into the sun and everyone clapped until their hands bled. Then Peter was all, "We've only caught fish and a mermaid." Jesus said, "But a mermaid is kind of like a man." T-Pain wasn't having any of that shit and was all, "No, it's like a half man, half fish, so we only accomplished half of our goal. Nice try, Jesus." Jesus was flabbergasted, but he was also embarrassed because they were right. Jesus was afraid of getting slam dunked to death and knew he had to think of something. Luckily, the Weather Girls showed up and the skies opened up and the heavens began raining men. Hallelujah! It was raining men! The men fell into the lake that Jesus and his cool disciples were in and suddenly they had indeed become fishers of men. Get this custom shirt from Strange Cargo and remember this very important Bible story for all time.

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