I'm With Stupid Mens Shirt

I'm With Stupid Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

So, you think you are the ultimate authority on classic tee shirts. Your dresser and closet are filled with great, vintage tee shirts that tell a story of decades past. You've got the "Have a Nice Day" yellow smiley face and you wear it with pride. You've got a Hard Rock Cafe tee shirt from every major city you have visited. Your recent trip to New York City allowed you to finally acquire that coveted "I [Heart] NY" tee. Your time in college as a free-thinking, free-spirited rebel brought you your very own Che Guevara shirt. You've had a Superman logo on a tee-shirt since you learned who Superman was as a child. Your time immersed in popular culture brought other great tee shirts into your world. Where would you be as a tee-shirt connoisseur without your prized "Who the Fuck is Mick Jagger?" tee-shirt that Keith Richards himself made popular? Who would you even be as a tee-shirt elitist without your XXL "Frankie Says Relax" tee-shirt? The minute you saw the "Vote for Pedro" shirt on Napoleon Dynamite, you knew you had to have it. Now, here it is the final piece for your classic tee shirt collection! Get this iconic "I'm With Stupid" shirt from Strange Cargo for your bitchin' tee shirt collection today and feel the pride that comes with a completed collection.

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