I Beer Wrigleyville Men's Shirt

I Beer Wrigleyville Men's Shirt

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About This Shirt

It doesn't matter what language you speak, what country you hail from, or what sport you cheer on. Whether you're cheering soccer in Germany, baseball in Illinois, or curling in Canada there is one language that unites every die-hard sports fan: booze. It is the true language of love, of passion and of sports. So, of all the ways you can express your love of the baseball mecca of the Midwest, why not do it in the language every sports fan understands? I Beer Wrigley. It is not only the perfect language for the universal sports fan, but also for the die-hard, Bleed Cubbie Blue Wrigleyville fanatic. That mug has got a Budweiser or an Old Style frosting in it to let everyone know you love the bleachers, you love eating peanuts while keeping score at Wrigley Field on a July afternoon, you know that after a game you will be high-fiving and hugging your new best friends in front of the Ron Santo statue in celebration of a Cubs victory (or hugging out the loss over a beer at the Cubbie Bear). Clark and Addison is a magical place to be in the summertime, so show your love for the boys of summer, those Boys in Blue that make Wrigleyville the party town it is. We beer Wrigley, and so should you!

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