Go Fuck Yourself Mens Shirt

Go Fuck Yourself Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Life is difficult. Life is full of people who think they know everything (and, boy, do they love to tell you about it). There are times when you must be appropriate, when you must be on your best behavior, and when you must buck up and smile when you'd much rather punch someone right in the mouth. Then there are times when someone needs to be put in their place. Some people just need an attitude adjustment. Instead of causing a violent scene, there is a simpler way of putting that particular jackass in your life in their place. Instead of using fists or raising your voice, get this great shirt exclusively from Strange Cargo. The Hebrew flair makes it a one-of-a-kind that will certainly confuse and impress your enemies. Don't get violent, don't get boisterous, get clever. Get this Hebrew-inspired "Go Fuck Yourself" tee-shirt from Chicago's cleverest custom tee shirt shop.

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