Gay Love - It's The Real Thing Mens Shirt

Gay Love - It's The Real Thing Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Gay Love , lesbian love , trans-gender love, just plain love. Wherever you path may take you, show where you ended up. It might be as simple as Gay Love and It's The Real Thing. This design is so popular in our Lakeview location. Upon first look it comes across as the classic Coca-Cola slogan, but is all about being subtle. Since, we love Coke at Strange Cargo this shirt has a soft spot in our heart. Actually, all Gay Love has a big place in our heart. Since Chicago Is The Gayest City In The Midwest, people need to show their pride. In the past we have sold this shirt to parents of Gay children, friends, and or just someone who want to display their the real love. Gay Love It's The Real Thing. What else would it be? If Gay Love was not the real thing, why so many states legalizing Gay Marriage. Iowa , New York , Massachusetts; are legal. Why are all the other states waiting. All people need realize that: Gay Love - It's The Real Thing.

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