Field Fest Chicago '83 Men's Shirt

Field Fest Chicago '83 Men's Shirt

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Field Fest, your celebration of Chicago and Chicago Bears football came at such an eventful time in the history of football and in the history of the world. The early eighties was a time where there seemed to be no line on the horizon and our infinite dreams could be achieved. Mike Ditka was starting his second year of coaching, priming players like Walter Payton for the eventual Super Bowl XX victory over the New England Patriots in 1986. M*A*S*H not only came to an end but bonded us all, just like Chicagofest did. Chicagofest, you were the drunken celebration of the Chicago Bears we deserved when we killed the old gods, like the Transmitter Ismaning, to build a path for the new gods, like the Nintendo Entertainment System. George Burns, Willie Nelson, and Bozo the Clown came to celebrate you, Chicago, and what a time we had. Chicagofest was a means of embracing our potential through beer, festival food and football, a Dionysian celebration of all we had achieved and all that was waiting for us as a city and for what awaited us in the coming football seasons. We did not know William Perry was on the way to destroy anyone who challenged da Bears. We did not know Jim McMahon was going to dominate Soldier Field with a rocket arm. We only had a glimmer in our eye about the truth of the strength behind the mighty mustache of Iron Mike Ditka. Chicagofest, Harold Washington may have taken you from us, Chicagofest, but we will always have the memories of how special you were.

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