Emotichaun Mens Shirt

Emotichaun Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

The blogosphere is a wild and wonderful place where emotions are no longer expressed in words. Instead, we as a society have raised the bars to challenge our intellect again and have created emoticons to express how we feel about new movies or news of the world. Man, once again, has produced a grand new form of art that has taken the internet by storm. This emotichaun is the perfect way to express to your friends on the world wide web your excitement and happiness over the greatest holiday ever to hit the Windy City! This clever, expressive text art shows your friends that you love shamrocks, Guinness, Jameson, Irish Car Bombs, green beads, the Emerald Isle, the Blarney Stone, clovers, leprechauns, the Southside parade, Bono, Claddagh rings, the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish," heaping helpings of corned beef and cabbage, Thin Lizzy, Michael Flatley, a vibrant, green Chicago River, and asking everyone, "Where da gold at?" The internet is the best place to voice your opinion on every topic, so be sure to voice your opinion about this great day of celebrating the Irish with this emotichaun! Get this great design on your favorite green tee shirt and show everyone this hot, new emoticon meme, you online trendsetter!

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