Dutch Oven Mens Shirt

Dutch Oven Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Oh, the Dutch Oven! Anyone who grew up with a brother knows the torture of going on a family vacation and suffering through being trapped beneath a blanket that smothers you with an overpowering smell of farts. When it comes to shirts sporting classic fart humor, you cannot go wrong with the classic Dutch Oven. This timeless prank is one that sticks with men from childhood into old age, so why not indulge his fart humor with this great shirt? This design looks great on a vast selection of tee shirts, tank tops, and hooded sweatshirts. To set your Dutch oven shirt apart from the rest, be sure to add custom lettering to your new shirt. You could add your own name to the back of your shirt or create a long list of your Dutch oven victims. No matter what you do, people will know you to be a person of class and distinction when they see you enter a bar or party wearing this great design on your chest (though it may hinder your chances of getting any phone numbers). Get this shirt for yourself or for that special person in your life who cannot get enough of fart humor and make a statement about how you feel about flatulence.

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