Dukes of Hazzard men's Shirt

Dukes of Hazzard men's Shirt

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Nevermind that nonsense movie with Johnny Knoxville, Sean Williams Scott, and Jessica Simpson; we are talking about the real "Dukes of Hazzard!" We want to celebrate the CBS show that made us really think about the pitfalls of becoming moonshine-runners. With good ol' boys Tom Wopat and John Schneider as the cunning Bo and Luke Duke, it was impossible not to be entertained every week as the Duke boys found new and exciting ways to thwart Boss Hogg's wicked plans (and find new and exciting things to ramp the General Lee over). Though the show had plenty of action, danger, car-ramping, and white knuckle entertainment, the real star of the show was Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke racing around Hazzard with the Duke boys in her jeep, Dixie. Forget that 1969 Dodge Dart, Rosco P. Coltrane, and all of the happenings at Cooter Davenport's garage, Daisy Duke was the real star of the classic seventies show Celebrate your love of this sizzling Southern belle with this great vintage transfer from Chicago's favorite pop culture-loving tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. Get Daisy Duke on your favorite tee, tank, or hooded sweatshirt and show everyone that you still appreciate those short shorts!

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