Cougar Mens Shirt

Cougar Mens Shirt

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These days women are entering old age with grace, style, and sensuality. Whereas television shows like "Cougartown" would have you believe that this focus on cougars is a new, hip trend, let's not forget the cougar who kicked off this trend of beautiful, older women and had many of us thinking about a May-September romance: Mrs. Robinson. Without Mrs. Robinson's seduction of young Benjamin, there would be no Blanche Devereaux sexing up Miami on "The Golden Girls," no Samantha Jones picking up the young men in New York City in "Sex and the City," and there would definitely be no show titled "Cougar Town." Mrs. Robinson was a trailblazing cougar making it possible for Cher, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Joan Collins, Ivana Trump, Demi Moore, Kim Cattrall, Susan Sarandon, Courtney Cox, and Cameron Diaz to find love with younger men. Show your love for these fabulous, foxy, and fierce women in their prime, and show that you know that sex doesn't stop once you hit middle age. Get this custom design on your favorite tee shirt or tank top and show off your appreciation for these silver foxes. From Mrs. Robinson to Sharon Stone, these women are gorgeous cougars on the prowl!

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