Chicago Style Hot Dog Men' Shirt

Chicago Style Hot Dog Men' Shirt

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About This Shirt

There comes a time when you must have the Chicago Dog. Whether you are a tourist or your are a resident of the Windy City, the time comes when you can no longer fight it, you can no longer resist, you must give into the deliciousness of the Chicago Dog. Luckily, Strange Cargo has this custom tee shirt diagraming every aspect of this delicious Chicago delicacy. Make sure it has everything on it; no substitutes! It must have that delicious relish that is so green it looks radioactive! It must have the kosher hot dog nestled in a steamed poppy seed bun. Yellow mustard must be present; no dijon, no honey mustard! Diced onions, peppers, and sport peppers must all be piled on top of this delicious treat. Remember: the pickle spear is your ticket to Tastytown! Above all else, no matter what you do, no matter what you believe, there is one thing you must obey: no ketchup! A pile of delicious toppings on top of a kosher dog and keeping your dog ketchup-free is the Chicago way and don't you forget it! Whether you are enjoying the Chicago dog at Murphy's, Hot Doug's, or Weiner's Circle, the Chicago Dog must be enjoyed the way Chicago intended it to be!

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