Breakfast Included Mens Shirt

Breakfast Included Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Sometimes you're out and dancing til dawn and realize it is time to go home. Sometimes (well, often) a night at the club or a bar doesn't end with you going home alone. When making new friends on a drunken Saturday night, the most important thing is upselling yourself. Sure, a few drinks on you is a good thing, but any schmuck can buy a pretty girl a drink. Your moves may be flawless, but there's always some guy who is a better dancer than you. Charm ain't shit on the dance floor, so don't even try to impress her with your witty remarks (not like she can hear them over the music anyway). Make sure you stand out above the rest of the drunken idiots pining after the pretty girl at the end of the bar with this tee from Strange Cargo that tells pretty ladies that not only are you in for a night of savage, drunken lovin', you are also gonna be the good guy who gets up in the morning and fixes a buffet of delicious breakfast foods (that could give you more energy for some afternoon delight). Be the gentleman she deserves, get this great shirt from Strange Cargo to let her know she's in for a good night.

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