Blues Brothers Mens Shirt

Blues Brothers Mens Shirt

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More than any other movie based in the Windy City, the greatest comedic love letter to Chicago and the state of Illinois has to be John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd's "The Blues Brothers." What other movie has James Brown, John Candy, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Henry Gibson, the "Illinois Nazis," Carrie Fisher as the Mystery Woman, John Candy, John Lee Hooker, a mission from God, the Good Ol' Boys, the Daley Center, car chases, flamethrowers, and the Bluesmobile? The talented cast, numerous talented performances, and the epic mission from God to save the orphanage where Elwood and Joliet Jake grew up all make the greatest movie about Chicago, Illinois and the greatest movie ever to be born out of a Saturday Night Live sketch (face it, "Wayne's World" was great, but it was no "Blues Brothers.") Solidify your love for this classic film with this immortal quote from "The Blues Brothers" on the front of your favorite tee. Wear it about town (just be prepared in case of bombs, Neo-Nazis, aggressive country bands, soul attacks from Aretha Franklin, and Carrie Fisher trying to kill you at every turn). Set out on your own mission from God with this great Blues Brothers design exclusively from Strange Cargo.

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