Blue Line Men's Shirt

Blue Line Men's Shirt

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About This Shirt

Running us wherever we need to go on the west side of Chicago, the Blue Line is there for all of Chicago's transportation needs. Whether you need to get to work or get home after a long night at a bar, the Blue Line is there for your early morning and late night travels. Jump through the strange double doors of the train and get whisked away to O'Hare, Allstate Arena, the Congress Theater, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, UIC, the Daley Center, the stunning Chicago Picasso, the Goodman Theater, Union Station, Little Italy, or the United Center (to catch the Chicago Bulls or the Chicago Blackhawks kick some ass!) The only thing better than using the Blue Line is living off of the Blue Line; no matter what the status of the buses is, you know you have a way home on the Blue Line. So show your pride for your neighborhood and your train line with this great Blue Line custom tee shirt exclusively from Chicago's favorite tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. Sure, we don't understand those strange pairs of doors that open inward and cause commuters to scramble to keep their place on a crowded train, but we know we love them!

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