Berwyn Spindle Men's Shirt

Berwyn Spindle Men's Shirt

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(PLEASE NOTE: This print is much larger than the online preview appears-- print area measures approximately 7"x16")

Eight cars impaled on one giant spike in the middle of Berwyn, Illinois. Berwyn used to be the site of Dustin Shuler's epic masterpiece. It was the art that represented the Berwyn community, featured on everything from maps to postcards, an iconic statue for Illinois and for the Midwest, presenting a great challenge to Carhenge and the Cadillac Ranch. When the statue was in trouble, Chicago's dedicated cyclists participated in a Critical Mass ride to save the statue and it was even briefly featured in "Wayne's World" (and whatever is cool with Wayne and Garth is cool with us!) However, with most great art, some say masterpiece, some say eyesore. In 2008 the Spindle was torn down to be replaced with a Walgreens that featured a drive-thru. The red 1967 Volkswagon Beetle and the 1976 BMW New Class that sat at the top of the great spindle have been preserved by the community of Berwyn, Illinois just in case someone would like to build another for the city. However, until that time arrives we must hold that great metal masterpiece in our hearts and hope that it returns. Rewatch "Wayne's World" for its cameo, petition the city council of Berwyn, Illinois, and make sure to get this great design on your favorite tee shirt or tank top to display your loyalty to art, to something that made Berwyn truly special, and for your love of cars stacked on top of each other in the middle of a town.

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