Beethoven's 2nd Movement Mens Shirt

Beethoven's 2nd Movement Mens Shirt

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Many people know that Beethoven was the important composer who guided Western music from the Classical period to the Romantic era. His works, such as "Moonlight Sonata," "Adelaide," "Grand Sonata," and "The Emperor" have solidified the genius of the composer from Bonn, Germany, the deaf musical genius that hid from the world to compose sweeping masterpieces that changed the face of Western music forever. Many geniuses credit their best ideas to a "Eureka in the Bathtub" moment. Let's be serious, everyone -- genius or not -- gets their best ideas when on the john. Beethoven's Second Movement is where we've all been, struggling with our genius as we struggle with the Mexican food we ate two hours ago. More than Mozart, Schubert, and Haydn, Beethoven's reshaping of the musical landscape must have had some kind of unexplained breakthrough behind it that occurred on a regular basis. Naturally, this genius must have come when we all get our best ideas: during our second movements. So get this hilarious tee shirt, exclusively from Strange Cargo, that celebrates the Classical brilliance of Ludwig von Beethoven and the sacred space in which genius is born, the bathroom.

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