Ass, Gas or Grass - Nobody Rides For Free Mens Shirt

Ass, Gas or Grass - Nobody Rides For Free Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

The first lesson of economics is, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Naturally, there is no such thing as a free ride. Gas is expensive, everyone is broke, and weed isn't cheap, so you had better be ready to pay up when you get to your destination. The only currency that is accepted at the end of a long ride is the infamous ass, gas, or grass. Need to get to Santa Monica and can only get there by hitchhiking? If that is the case, you had better be willing to part with a little bit of your dank weed in exchange for the ride? Need a ride home from college for Christmas and can only bum one from that really weird kid you know from high school? Dip into your college fund for some gas money and hope he does not talk too much about his love of Doctor Who. When you jump on the back of someone's Harley-Davidson like Jack Nicholson in "Easy Rider," be sure you have a helmet and be sure you are ready to surrender the booty as payment for your glorious ride. If you happen to be the lucky person giving people rides from point A to point B, be sure to get this great design on your favorite tee so that your passengers know what is expected of them at the end of the ride.

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