Army Guy with Flowers youth Shirt

Army Guy with Flowers youth Shirt

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Make love, not war, hippie.

If the rhetorical answer is blowing in the wind, perhaps we had best prick up our ears to hear it. The unrest between Israel and Palestine, the nuclear threat of Iran, the civil unrest and violence in Syria, and the cornucopia of disputes foreign and domestic should be showing us that war and violence are not the answer. It is time to listen, it is time to hear the cries of the world and begin to heal the world with peace, with beauty, and with harmony. It's time to crank up the Bob Dylan, feel the love with the Grateful Dead, and embrace the potential of yourself and of mankind. There is no limit to what man can do; perhaps it is time to focus that energy on tolerance, acceptance, peace, love, fellowship, and happiness. Stop producing bullets and start planting seeds. You can't shake hands with fists, so let go of your rage and embrace your brothers and sisters who are traveling the earth with you. The movement begins with you. Through you, the planet will begin to understand its capacity for compassion. So take your passion from the Flower Power of activist David Harris and get this great shirt from Strange Cargo to show your passion for peace, compassion, and happiness across the globe.

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