After a Few Beers ... Men's Shirt

After a Few Beers ... Men's Shirt

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About This Shirt

It's the end of the night, the bartender has turned on the ugly lights, and last call has been announced. You aren't ready to turn in yet, especially since those nine Pabst Blue Ribbons you have guzzled have made you feel invincible. At this point, you are certain that James Brown wrote "Sex Machine" about you. At the end of the bar sits a goddess like none you have ever seen before, a woman that makes Aphrodite look like a dirty, disease-ridden hobo. You hear the call of adventure. The next morning you wake up with a mouth full of gummi bears, your body is tangled inside a dryer, you are covered in your own vomit, and you are married to a woman who looks like a dirty, disease-ridden hobo. After a few beers, anything is possible. The only way to soothe the mistakes that come after drinking one too many Old Styles is to wake up and have a few more Old Styles. Such is life. If this describes the kind of wild nights you have with your case of Keystone, you should get this custom tee immediately and wear it out to the bars to remind yourself to make good decisions when under the influence of your favorite brew. Stylish and sensible, this shirt is a good way to keep yourself in check, unless you really want to be Mr. Dirty Disease-Ridden Hobo.

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