A Woman Without a Man Is Like a Fish Without Bike Mens Shirt

A Woman Without a Man Is Like a Fish Without Bike Mens Shirt

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Here is our salute to all of the independent ladies out there! There's Rosie the Riveter, the most iconic of all the single ladies, showing that women were not confined to the kitchen or teaching positions during World War II. There was Katharine Hepburn with her rebellious pants in a time when the glamour girl was to be dressed as a debutante. There was Mary Tyler Moore who tossed her beret into the air not just to celebrate her independence, but to celebrate the independence of all women in the working world who were going to make it after all. Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley showed that aliens can have their asses handed to them by women and changed the science-fiction genre. Katy Perry is using her status as a pop phenomenon to show girls that they are all they need to achieve their goals. Celebrate the independent, single lady with this hilarious vintage transfer on your favorite shirt. Featuring the witticism of feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem, this shirt is certain to make your support of all the single ladies, the sisters who are doing it for themselves, and the independent women who are throwin their hands up at Beyonce.

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