1985 Championship Formula Shirt

1985 Championship Formula Shirt

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Education matters, people! Knowledge is power -- YO, JOE! Sure, you can ride a reading rainbow into the unknown reaches of your imagination. Yes, a lesson in history is a lesson in life as history inevitably repeats itself. Science is everywhere, so your classes in physics, chemistry, and biology will help you understand the reality of the world you live in. However, when it comes to championship professional football, mat definitely comes in handy. It doesn't take the collective genius of Archimedes, Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, and Fibonacci to calculate what made the 1985 Chicago Bears the monsters of football brilliance that destroyed the New England Patriots in order to become the roaring champions of Super Bowl XX. Celebrate the shining jewel in the Chicago Bears longstanding history, the 1985 Super Bowl Championship, with this equation on your shirt that proves that the Bears rule USING MATH! Get amped for another exciting Chicago Bears football season with this look back to the time of Walter Payton, Mike Ditka, Jim McMahon, and William Perry and hope that this year's team has the right moves that add up to another Super Bowl Championship. This design is a Strange Cargo exclusive, so be sure to get it quickly and be the most fashionable motherfucker on your next Sunday Funday!

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