CSS to my HTML Mens Shirt

CSS to my HTML Mens Shirt

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As time pushes forward, so must our vocabulary evolve to the changing fads, technology, and trends. It is no longer enough to be the peanut butter to someone's jelly. Is it really that heart-stopping to be the salt to someone's pepper? Sure, we would all like to be the Hall to someone's Oates, the Captain to someone's Tenille, or the News to someone's Huey Lewis, but all of these pairings are so dated and passe that the comparisons cheapen what a special and true love means. Does anyone really want to be the yin to someone's yang, the Freddy to someone's Jason, or the Alien to someone's Predator? Well, probably, but that's just not special enough. As the technological age pushes forward making great strides to make life less complicated, to bring us the greatest forms of electronics and gadgets, and to bring us ever closer to the push-button age promised to us on "The Jetsons," we must take our understanding of love and adapt our comparisons to this exciting period of time in our lives. Yes, you are the CSS to my HTML. Together we create an aesthetically pleasing layout and a user-friendly interface that is the website of our love. Get this exclusive design from Strange Cargo today and show that you know what love in the 21st century is all about (and then go get your geek freak on).

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