Drunk Words Clover Mens Shirt

Drunk Words Clover Mens Shirt

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Obviously, your Saint Patrick's Day destinations include, but are not limited to, Dark Horse, O'Malley's, John Barleycorn, The Stretch, Houndstooth Saloon, Niesi Lounge, Rebel, Sheffield's, the green Chicago River, the South Side Parade, Timothy O'Toole's, The Abbey, Irish Oak, The Celtic Knot, Mystic Celt, Town Hall Pub, River Shannon, McGee's, Hallagan's, Hidden Shamrock, Irish Eyes, Dugan's, Kelly's, Gunther Murphy's, or Peg Leg Sullivan's. Though you may not know where the day may take you, you do know one thing: you are going to be wearing green, and you are going to be completely tore up from the floor up. Yes, on Saint Patrick's Day there is only one appropriate way to celebrate the holiday. When you get up on the party-filled Saturday of Saint Pat's, you'll throw on your green shirt and make your way through the Windy City, fueled only by green beer, Guinness, Jameson shots, and the power of party. You will do shots with old friends and new friends as you stumble down Clark Street in search of a bar that might not be as crowded as the previous bar. When you finally pass out at home, in a cab, at the bus stop, at a friend's, or in the paddy wagon, be sure that you are sporting the drunk clover design exclusively from Strange Cargo so you don't have to use your words to describe your physical state.

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