You Bet Your Dupa I'm Polish men's Shirt

You Bet Your Dupa I'm Polish men's Shirt

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With over one million Polish people living in Chicago, there is no question about Chicago's Polish pride! Say it loud, say it proud, "You bet your DUPA I'm Polish!" Be proud of your Polish roots. Without Poland we would not have Marie Curie and uranium. Without Poland we would not have the beautiful works of Chopin that have lasted through centuries. Without Poland we would not have delicious kielbasa or tantalizing pierogi. Chicago's Polish pride can be seen in the city itself with organizations like the Polish Museum of America and the Polish Highlanders Alliance of America setting up in the Windy City. Every year Jefferson Park celebrates Taste of Polonia, an opportunity for everyone in the City of Big Shoulders to celebrate all of the wonderful foods and culture that make Poland great! Forget all of those jokes about Polish submarines with screen doors, there are a lot of things to be proud of when it comes to celebrating your Polish heritage! So get this original design on your favorite tee shirt, tank top, or hoodie and let Chicago know you are proud of your Polish roots! It is also perfect for Saint Patrick's Day because even though we celebrate the Irish on Saint Paddy's Day, there is still a little room for Polish pride on March seventeenth!

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