Join The Army... Men's Shirt

Join The Army... Men's Shirt

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From the American Revolution to whoever the hell we're fighting this week, the United States Army is ready and willing to fight for freedom, democracy, America, and more freedom. From basic training to ending up with veins in their teeth, these soldiers are ready to strap on their boots, test their physical endurance, travel to far away, foreign lands, experience interesting cultures, and obliterate the fascinating individuals they encounter. Yes, the Army provides great opportunities for travel, the ability to visit great sight-seeing points across the world, the privilege to use the latest in military technology, and the hardcore, bloody, goriest violence that we all love! From George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant, George S. Patton to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Andrew Jackson to Zachary Taylor, and Buster Bluth to Norman Schwarzkopf, the military has provided this world with some pretty badass, gun-shooting, freedom-defending, flag-waving, tank-driving, target-bombing, kickass motherfuckers that have given their time, courage and lives to make sure America is the best country in the whole fucking world. So, get this great shirt to show that you love all that the army has to offer. From sea to shining sea, from war to bloody war, the army will be there to make sure that we will always have our motherfucking freedom!

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