Don't Tread On Me Mens Shirt

Don't Tread On Me Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Before the stars and stripes of the original thirteen colonies, before Old Glory was flapping her red, white, and blue patriotic scheme in front of a beautiful blue American sky, the Gadsden flag represented the freedom, the rebellion, and the glory of what would soon be known as the United States of America! We waved it in the faces of the oppressive British who thought they could take away our freedom. They were wrong. They tried to tread on us and we said no like a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike says, "Oh, hell no, you freedom-hating bitch!" They tried to keep us down, so we dumped their precious tea in Boston Harbor and showed them what being America all up in this bitch is all about! They tried to tell us we had to answer to the king, so we had George Washington kick England right in their monarchy-loving balls! You can't be free with people treading all over you, so get this shirt to let all of your oppressors know that you will not be tread on, that you will rebel, and that you are the George Washington that will do a lot of ball-kicking in the name of motherfucking freedom like a real American ball-kickin' sonofabitch!

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