John Hancock Tower Men's Shirt

John Hancock Tower Men's Shirt

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Standing proud and tall at the north end of Chicago's breathtaking Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue is the John Hancock Center (better known by the locals as "The Hancock"). This architectural wonder not only adds beauty to the Windy City's unique skyline but also serves as a tourist magnet. Tourists and locals alike cannot resist traveling up to "The Signature Room on the 95th Floor", having a drink and taking in the view of the Chicago skyline and the beauty of Lake Michigan. The three hundred and sixty degree view offered to visitors to the ninety-fifth floor allows you to see four states neighboring the Second City. It stands in the picture perfect skyline as the fourth tallest building in Chicago (after the Willis Tower, the Trump Tower, and the Aon Center). Rivaled only by the Willis Tower in Chicago's overwhelming and awe-inspiring financial district, the John Hancock Center is in the heart of the beautiful Magnificent Mile which allows people to stop in after a day of shopping, visiting the Water Tower Place, taking photographs of the Wrigley Building, and studying the awe-inspiring architecture of the Tribune Tower to enjoy a drink, rest their tired legs and enjoy the splendor that the Windy City has to offer. John Hancock Center, we love you, and this custom design is the perfect way to show that love.

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