Tasty Pig Youth Shirt

Tasty Pig Youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

The twenty-first century has brought the rise of the healthy eater, a trend that has caused the consumption of meat to be passe, in bad taste, or reason to shun a person. Though veganism and vegetarianism have become popular lifestyle choices in today's society, we know that the carnivore and the omnivores will continue to enjoy the tasty ass of the swine. Yes, this magical animal gives us pork chops, ternderloin, ham, pulled pork sandwiches, pork loin, spare ribs, pork lo mein, sausage, pepperoni, sweet and sour pork, and the sweetest meat of all, bacon! Pork may be "the other white meat," but do not brush it aside so quickly with this famous tagline. It may not be as glamorous as eating carrots and sprouts, but what other creature on the planet could provide us with so many delicious, wonderful things to eat. Celebrate the tastiest ass of the tastiest animal on the planet with this tasty pig tee shirt design exclusively from Strange Cargo. Show the vegetarians and vegans in your life that though you respect their eating habits, you will never change yours. This design looks great on a variety of tees and can be personalized with our custom lettering options. So get this great shirt today and enjoy wearing it almost as much as you enjoy bacon.

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