Superfan Youth Shirt

Superfan Youth Shirt

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The Superfans ask the hard questions. "Now, did God create Da Bears, and make them superior to all teams? Or is he simply a huge fan, and Ditka made them superior to all other teams?" Forget wondering what the sound of one hand clapping is; clear your mind and find enlightenment wondering who would win in a fight: Ditka or a hurricane (but the hurricane is named Ditka). George Wendt and Chris Farley were not just good at satire; this was the real deal. These were the mirror images of us and our dedication to the greatest sports teams the world has ever seen. The Superfans knew about Da Bearss, Da Bullss, Ditka, and Michael Jordan. They knew about good Chicago food too: ribs, beer, and Polish sausage (just be careful not to choke on a pork chop!). Of all the things the Superfans taught us, it is important to remember that a Bears Vs. Bulls game could never happen because it would tear a hole in the space-time continuum and end all life as we know it. That is how good Chicago sports are. So pop open a brewskey, light your cigar, and cheer on Da Bearss while continuing to worship Mike Ditka.


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