Strike White youth Shirt

Strike White youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

There is nothing like spending an evening with your friends knocking down pins at your local bowling alley! Whether you're hitting 'em hard at Diversey Rock and Bowl or hitting some pins at Lucky Strike before seeing a movie, you know that one of the greatest American pastimes is a good game of bowling with good friends. No matter how great your night is, the night is made even greater when you hear the sickening smack of a bowling ball busting down a wall of ten pins. The sensation of nailing a perfect strike cannot be beat, unless, of course, that strike is followed by more strikes and forms the coveted turkey. Show that you own the lanes, show that you are the ball, show that you have reached that perfect place of bowling zen in your mind that allows you to bowl perfectly every time with this great custom shirt exclusively from Chicago's greatest tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. Rolling up to the lanes in this bad boy will show the other bowlers that you mean business, just like Al Bundy, Fred Flintstone, and Dan Conner. Be the king or queen of the bowling alley and get this great tee shirt today.

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