Santa youth Shirt

Santa youth Shirt

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No matter what time of year it is, Christmas is always just around the corner like a bill collector or a monster that wants to maul your face and make you a social outcast in a vain and material world. Christmas comes with a special kind of anticipation that involves dreaming of sugar plum fairies, cracking nuts, shaking the stacks of presents neatly wrapped under a glimmering Christmas tree, giving disgusting fruitcakes to relatives you're not terribly fond of, trampling other parents in a Toys R Us to get that special hot toy to give your spoiled kindergarten-aged critter, watching "A Christmas Story" for twenty-four hours straight to avoid your harpy wife and screeching children, wondering if the Grinch was right, going ice skating and busting your ass in front of your friends and family, dealing with the humiliation of being laughed at by your family and friends after busting your ass ice skating, feeling the deep sorrow of getting an XBOX 360 when you really wanted a PS3, and, of course, waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus! Get this right jolly old elf on your favorite tee shirt today so you can wear it and fake the Christmas spirit yet again as you down spiked cider and spend a long, long holiday with your loved ones.

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