Phil Collins Youth Shirt

Phil Collins Youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

It must be strange being so thoroughly seduced by this image of Phil Collins. You were expecting to get on the Strange Cargo website, find yourself a fine Chicago Bears shirt, and be done with your online shopping spree. However, you had no idea that Phil Collins could feel you in the air tonight. Phil Collins lives every fucking minute of every goddamn day as if it were his last. He drums like a GOD! "Against All Odds" will make you shit sorrow. He was an extra in "A Hard Day's Night." Even though he is retired and lives in a castle made of gold and the UFO parts from the Roswell crash (he acquired them in the eighties when "Land of Confusion" hit the charts and drippy, fleshy Reagan puppets brought in all the cash, coke, and pussy). He won the "Most Bitchin' Musician" Academy Award for his musical contribution to the Disney film "Tarzan" and Su-su-suddioed everything in his path. You can feel it in the air tonight, Easy Lover, so just give into your undying love of Genesis and Phil Collins with this sexy Phil Collins shirt exclusively from the Windy City's favorite custom tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo.

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