Happy Bowling Ball youth Shirt

Happy Bowling Ball youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

When in the careful, trusting hands of a perfect, agile, lithe, and graceful bowler, every bowling ball has the opportunity and blessing to be a happy bowling ball. These balls wait around on their shelf space hoping to be plucked from their prison by the confident hands of a skilled bowler. Bowling balls wait for the gods of the lanes to save them; gods like Al Bundy, Dan Conner, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Laverne De Fazio, Shirley Feeney, the Dude, Walter, Donny, Homer Simpson and the Pin Pals, Roy Munsen, Ernie McCracken, Ishmael, Ralph Kramden, and Ed Norton. Join the ranks of these mighty higher powers of bowling and make every bowling ball a happy bowling ball with your finesse, your turkeys, your spares, and your strikes. Don't let another ball fall victim to the bumper bowling birthday bonanza at the end of the lanes; make a ball smile with your talent. Get this great custom tee from Strange Cargo today to show that you are a distinguished athlete in the sport of bowling, that you are a bowler with grace and talent, and that you are a bowler that takes the game seriously.

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