Happy Birthday Jesus youth Shirt

Happy Birthday Jesus youth Shirt

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Jesus seems like a totally cool dude, right? If there's one thing that totally cool dudes deserve, it's a radass birthday! Birthdays come but once a year, but if you're Jesus, you get Christmas Day through the Epiphany to celebrate your birthday. So, if you're Jesus, you get, like, two whole weeks to be all, "It's my birthday! Let's party!" So, spend that bitchin' two weeks doing all of the things that Jesus Christ would do if he were celebrating his kickass birthday! When you wake up on Christmas Day, ask yourself, "What Would Jesus Do?" Well, he would totally spend time with family and celebrate with presents, hit a bar and have shots with his disciples, cannonball into a ballpit at Chuck E. Cheese, dance so hard at the club he makes the dance floor hate the bouncer for letting him in, and wear a lot of tacky party hats. Don't do these rocking things for yourself, do them for the Lord! While you're out celebrating the Lord's birthday, be sure to let people know that you're partying for Jesus with this "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" shirt exclusively from the Windy City's favorite custom tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo. Pop the cork on that wine you got from your sister for Christmas, crank up "Jesus" by Queen, and get that party going for the Savior, Jesus Christ!

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